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My digital marketing journey started from class 11 as a coincidence or by luck. Initially, I started with app development and developed my first app, which helps people access all E-commerce and news websites from one app, and I named it “All in one app” I know it’s a fundamental app, but it was my first project. Then I researched how to do the marketing of the app and mailed some YouTubers for app promotion, and collaborated with 5-6 YouTubers, but it was a failure for me as I didn’t get enough downloads. I start working on other projects and one day got one Referral email of one coupon code website company and by mistake I mailed them for collaboration as I thought I am mailing the YouTuber but after sending the email I realized that I mailed the company and in Gmail we can’t recall mail after sending it so I thought why one company will reply to my email which was sent by mistake, but wait can you believe after 3 days I got an email from the company regarding collaboration as they thought I will help them in getting new customers signups for their website through digital marketing so I asked them on Whatsapp about their requirements and they told me that they want 70 thousand new sign ups in 3 months and asked me to send Quotation for it and I said YES to the project because i don’t want to miss this opportunity so I started researching about digital marketing, lead generation, how to create pricing quote etc and send them a rough quote of 2.75 lakhs after 4 days(added the real quotation sample below)

first client quote

and they agreed with it. Now I have to bring some results to the table, so I started working on the project according to the Quotation (4 rupees for one user). Then I decided to do one demo campaign in the starting, so I asked them for advance payment, and they paid me 5000 for the first 800-1200 users. Then I started contacting some Instagram Influencer, but good Instagram Influencers pricing starts from a minimum 10k, so I skipped Instagram Influencer idea and started Contacting with Instagram pages and paid them for the campaign and got only 400-500 users who are just half of what I Committed then I took one day gap from my studies and this work and asked myself is it right to do things in which I have less experience? also it was affecting my studies. Hence, I dropped my plan to take the project and returned all the remaining money to the company, and they don’t ask me anything because they knew that I quoted them a meager price and got enough new users signups. But this project helps me to find out my interest in online marketing and not just focusing on earning money. I started learning about marketing from the internet, and after one year, I gained enough knowledge about digital marketing and luckily got one more project of promoting products through Instagram Influencers and successfully collaborated with famous Influencers from youtube, biggboss, TV shows, etc., and it was my first successful campaign and got my first payment in my bank account then I did six months social media marketing internship. After completing my Internship, I started learning about web development and got my first project of a blog website. After finishing, I got one more e-commerce website project by reference, and by god grace, I have enough projects. Still, one thing which I can advise you is that do not stop learning at any stage of time and try to learn from every mistake. That’s all I have in my story till now. So keep in touch with me and be a part of my hustling journey. Now currently I am exploring both developing and marketing field. If you need any help, you can contact me from the contact us page or book call page.

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