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Hostinger vs GoDaddy: Popular does not mean the best

Hostinger and GoDaddy are the two biggest players in the web hosting providers industry. Even though GoDaddy is very popular and certainly better-known than Hostinger, it isn’t as great as Hostinger when it comes to providing value for your money.

Hostinger vs GoDaddy: Popular does not mean the best

Hostinger and GoDaddy are the two biggest players in the web hosting providers industry. Even though GoDaddy is very popular and certainly better-known than Hostinger, it isn’t as great as Hostinger when it comes to providing value for your money. For our comparison, we will take plans and pricing, features, performance, security, and support into account.

Plans and pricing

It is clear that GoDaddy is much more expensive than Hostinger. Both of them offer a range of web hosting services which includes shared hosting, managed WordPress, and VPS. Hostinger’s most basic single shared hosting plan is almost six times cheaper than GoDaddy’s Economy for the initial term and four times cheaper after renewal. Though GoDaddy provides more storage space, Hostinger’s premium plan provides the same storage space which is half the price of GoDaddy’s Economy.


GoDaddy provides extra storage but talking about tools, Hostinger clearly wins. Hostinger is much more user friendly and makes it very simple for users to get started with their intuitive dashboard which uses a hPanel which makes it user-friendly. The hPanel is a lot less cluttered, better organized, all the options are on the front page itself and it is simpler to navigate.

Hostinger gives the free version of the Jetpack plugin preinstalled on most of its WordPress plans which includes several security features, automatic plugin updates, additional caching and a few extra themes. On top of that, Git is already installed on all Hostinger’s plans.

In addition, Hostinger provides free SSL certificate, automatic weekly backups without any extra fee unlike GoDaddy, free site migration and free CDN. 


Hostinger does not have phone support and is a little slow to respond but the support team is always professional and very helpful. They provide a detailed answer along with useful links for the steps needed to take. On the other hand, GoDaddy might have a faster response but they are not professional and often not useful.


GoDaddy may provide more storage but it cannot compete with Hostinger when it comes to performance. Hostinger has a much superior infrastructure, it uses the new and faster SSD storage along with LiteSpeed web server which is significantly faster and more stable as compared to Apache web server of GoDaddy accompanied with HDD storage which makes it slow. 

Hostinger offers integrated CDN technology which can be activated with a few clicks, it makes your site load faster at different parts of the world. And caching makes it even faster which is missing on GoDaddys’ hosting plans.


Hostinger offers an SSL certificate on all of their plans, automated weekly backups and daily on the Business plan, BitNinja security, and Cloudflare protection, this keeps your website protected from DDos attacks, brute force attacks, malwares and other cyber attacks. 

On GoDaddy, all that you get for free is a basic DDoS protection and a 24/7 monitoring system, and for everything else you have to pay extra, even for an SSL certificate which is common practice in the industry. 

Hostinger vs GoDaddy: who wins?

Hostinger is clearly winning, the plans are much cheaper as compared to GoDaddy and provide value for money, speaking about performance, Hostinger has a much better infrastructure, the SSDs, LiteSpeed server, CDN and caching altogether makes Hostinger sites load much faster. When it comes to security, you have to pay for everything on GoDaddy which is freely available on Hostinger. The support is a bit slower on Hostinger, but always professional and useful, this will not be a big deal if you can wait. 

GoDaddy is much more popular because of its ad campaigns but Hostinger is much better than GoDaddy. 

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